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Because some of your teammates may not have upgraded you can pass -language-version.0, which will restrict all APIs and language features.0. Otherwise the compiler detects that something can go wrong and reports a warning. 1.X) are backwards compatible. The list below explains the compatibility modes of different pairs of versions. Compatibility modes When a big team is migrating onto a new version, it may appear in a "inconsistent state" at some point, when some developers have already updated, and others haven't. Binary compatibility warnings If you use the NV Kotlin compiler and have the OV standard library or the OV reflection library in the classpath, it can be a sign that the project is misconfigured. API (kotlin-stdlib-  kotlin-reflect- no API changes deprecations with level warning may be added/removed, binaries (ABI) runtime: binaries can be used interchangeably compilation: binaries can be used interchangeably. for JVM, or js  for JavaScript plus some APIs that can be called uniformly, but work differently (such as regular expressions for JVM and JavaScript).

C - Full, c ompatibility, language no syntax changes ( modulo bugs new warnings/hints may be added or removed. Some overloading-related restrictions on the JVM but the core language remains the same. OV compiler may not accept NV binaries (e.g. 1.1.X) are fully compatible; minor version updates (e.g. Has it bundled ). Bcla, b ackward, c ompatibility for the, l anguage and,. Kotlin.0.X.1.1.X.0.0.X - EXP EXP EXP.1 EXP - bcla? Such a library may cause issues because standard build tools do not consider it an instance of the Kotlin standard library, thus it's not subject to the dependency version resolution mechanisms, and you can end up with several versions of the same library in the. api-version.Y - compatibility mode for Kotlin API version.Y, reports errors for all code using newer APIs from the Kotlin Standard Library (including the code generated by the compiler). Kotlin Scripts : both patch and minor version updates provide backward compatibility for the language and API (bcla but no BCB. Jar (version.0) kotlin-stdlib. Runtime JAR files in the classpath should have the same version.