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Privacy Policy

Please read and make sure you understand

I. Types of Information Collected

For the purpose of keeping our users informed of new developments and special offers, we collect users' email addresses. All information collected is used by our staff only. We do not sell or distribute infomation collected to any other parties. Information collected will be used only for the purpose that it was intended for as described previously.

II. Opting Out

Users may opt out of our email services by following the instrustions included at the end of the email. All messages sent by us will contain such instructions. If a user choses to opt-out, a confirmation email will be sent, and no further communications of any type will be sent after that.

III. Spam

This organization condemns the use of "spam" or unsolicited email. We will not engage in "spamming," and we will not work with organizations that we can confirm to engage in spamming. Although we make every effort to indentify "spammers," we cannot held responsible for the the actions of other organizations. As described in section I, we do not release personal information to other organizations and advise our users to use caution when giving their information to other organizations.

IV. Changes

In order to better serve our users, we will make updates to our policies from time to time. The most up-to-date version of our privacy policy is available on our website. We may at times, send an email announcing important changes to our policy, however this will not be done for every change. Announcements will be made at our discretion based on the importance of the change and its effect on our users.

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